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Russian entry visas

Visitors from almost all countries will need a visa to Russia. It cannot be obtained at the border; therefore you should apply for it before traveling.

The granting of a visa is at the discretion of the Russian Consulate.

Aerotour has the power to grant visa support being officially registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We shall assist you with support for the following types of Russian visas:

  • Tourism or leisure, if you travel to Russia for a short period of time or with the purpose of tourism.
    For a tourist visa to Russia, allowing foreigners to travel as tourists, you must have visa support documents (confirmation of a foreign tourist acceptance, tourist voucher and confirmed accommodation for every night of your stay in the country) covering the itinerary and no longer than for the duration of the stay at the hotels.
    We provide tourist visa support documents free of charge and on the basis on hotel booking via our company. Your hotel reservation should be paid in advance (invoice or credit card). After we receive your payment and scanned copy of your passport, we will prepare the documents and send them over to your fax or email. If hotel accommodation is not booked through Aerotour, tourist visa support is not provided.
    Please keep in mind that voucher and/or confirmation are not a visa, they are visa support documents! Visa has to be stamped into your passport by the Russian consulate in your home country! Tourist visa can not be extended here in Russia.
  • Business, if you visit Russia on official or private business, want to stay in Russia longer than for 30 days or need to enter Russia on frequent occasions within a certain period of time.
    Having support of the Department for Federal Migration Service of Russia in Moscow, Aerotour offers you assistance in obtaining business invitation for applying Russian business visa.
    Business visa stamp in your passport gives you freedom of choice of places to stay at.
    If entering Russia you prefer to stay at a hotel, we shall have pleasure to book the most suitable one for you. If it is convenient for you to stay at any other place, please remember that within 3 business days you must get registered! On our part we are ready to assist you with registration.
    Please keep in mind that visa has to be stamped into your passport by the Russian consulate in your home country before you leave for Russia!
  • If you travel via Russian cities / towns to any other country, transit visa support can also be provided.

All requests you can send by e-mail visa2@aerotour.ru.

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